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As city councilor, I represent all citizens of Troutdale.
I have demonstrated my willingness and ability to work with other members of city council and the mayor to help get things done. That is why I have received the number of endorsements from people involved in a diversity of organizations and businesses in Troutdale and am asking for your vote to continue to serve you as City Councilor.


J. Sanchez

Troutdale is facing important decisions,
which affect city finances and our future livability. My history shows I am always guided by what's best for Troutdale and I will continue to do so while serving on City Council. I have the experience and background to make the hard decisions, and to always ask questions and consider issues carefully. Below I explain my position on important issues Troutdale faces in the coming years.


Ensuring public safety in Troutdale is my number one priority. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s department, which provides Troutdale’s police services, is a diverse organization and I intend to make sure it continues to treat everyone with respect while ensuring public safety.

Troutdale benefits from having our own Municipal Court and we should keep it.  Troutdale's Municipal Court helps us maintain our quality of life by allowing us to enforce our ordinances locally. It does it without cost to the taxpayers because Troutdale's court takes in about the same revenue each year as it costs to run. If the Municipal Court is closed, Troutdale would have to rely on the Multnomah County District Attorney's office to enforce our ordinances in county court. A busy county DA's office could not be expected to provide the service Troutdale provides itself.

As City Councilor, I will champion development of the Riverfront Renewal site, which is Troutdale’s urban renewal area north of our downtown and the railroad tracks.  It is alternatively called the Confluence site.  The city has budgeted for an economic development director and I intend to assist in any way I can to attract the best development possible to Troutdale, including the Riverfront Renewal site.

I have a record of working with businesses and property owners to attract good development to Troutdale. I strongly supported the public/private partnership which helped develop the north side of downtown.  I was on the Board of the Troutdale Historical Society when we encouraged McMenamins to buy and refurbish the Edgefield Poor Farm. I have always supported quality development in Troutdale.

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